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Sample #1. Product Description

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun”

The Good

This series of Oral-B pro will leave your teeth sparkler than you have ever seen them before, giving your teeth a desirable look. In addition, using this toothbrush guarantees healthy teeth and tongue for as long as you use it. The best thing about this tooth brush is that you don’t have to worry about gum disease anymore. This is because the Oral-B pro 7000 Smart series is able to reach places that you would otherwise not reach with “ordinary” toothbrushes. The built in timer ensures you brush your teeth as per the recommended limit. In addition to these benefits, there are unique features that make this tooth brush the best in the market. For example, this is the world’s first toothbrush to have Bluetooth connectivity between a brush and Smartphone, how cool is that.

The Bad

The only limitation about this brush is its portability. You are likely to prefer a manual toothbrush on your picnics or short vocations. Your preference of a manual toothbrush means that this series of Oral-B is not less portable compared to any electronic toothbrush in the market. As such, within the circle of electronic toothbrushes, the Oral-B Pro 7000 Smart Series stays winning.

The Bottom Line

The combined features of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery make this toothbrush the best choice. This toothbrush gives you all the combined benefits of different designs of toothbrushes in a single unit.

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush Review

The Bluetooth connectivity means this is an interactive toothbrush that allows you to control it and customize its functionality. The toothbrush connects to the Oral-B app on your phone and enabling you to get real-time feedback on your brushing. For those who have not been sure about the rhythm and flow of their brushing, this toothbrush and its connectivity enables you to know whether you are brushing too fast, too slow, too hard, or too soft. Also, you get to know the duration of brushing. In addition, you get motivation from the helpful oral care tips through the app.

Features and Functions of the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush

There are many versions of electronic toothbrushes, but these unique features and functions of the Oral-B Pro 7000 make it the ultimate choice for your teeth.

  • This toothbrush is rechargeable with 6 modes: Gum Care, Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, Tongue cleaner, and Deep Clean.
  • Cross action round brush head with angled bristles gives users a precise clean
  • This toothbrush is clinically proven to break and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Sensor alerts enable users to know when they are brushing too hard

These features and functions are proof that there is no better alternative for the Oral-B Pro 7000 out there in the market. This is the most modern electronic toothbrush that gives you clean and healthy teeth with little effort and at affordable prices.


Samples #2 Short SEO Articles

(2.1) Electricians in Shirley

We are a team of trained electricians providing all forms of electrical solutions. With years of experience doing installations, repairs, and maintenance, we are the best electricians in Shirley.  Our services are provided with the highest safety standards, ensuring that your home or office is not in any risks that are associated with electrical faults. We use the best equipment in the market, and you are guaranteed to get value for your money with every installation we do.

In order to serve you better, we have diversified our services to ensure all our client needs are met. Our fully mobile technicians do fault finding and repairs, in home checks, electrical appliance installation, among other services. As the most preferred Shirley electricians, we provide an assurance that all these services are provided to required standards. We also operate 24 hours, making it possible for you to contact us anytime.

Feel free to call us anytime, day or night, and talk to any of our friendly staff about our services.  You will also be provided with information about our affordable rates.  The efficient service we offer and at friendly costs make us your ideal electrical contractor for any electrical problems in your home, restaurant, shop, or office. We are fully certified, and we can provide all necessary documentation for our clients where necessary. If you have rental properties and you need certification proving electrical safety checks, we can do that for you – at friendly rates. Call us now, let us fix it.


 (2.2) Electrical Safety Inspections

Although electricity is invisible, it is one of the most dangerous things around your home – if not properly installed to standards. Electrical faults can cause fire, leading to financial losses, and in unfortunate circumstances, to death. The importance of electrical safety inspection in Christchurch cannot be underestimated. We are qualified professionals that do all necessary checks to guarantee safety of your home and office. We operate 24 hours a day, and you can access our inspection services any day you want.

Although a building may have had proper electrical installation during its construction, these installations deteriorate with time. As such, it is important to order for regular safety inspections. Upon completion of the safety checks and inspection, you will be provided with a document to prove that the house is safe for occupancy. As certified electricians, we provide electrical inspection certificates in Christchurch after conducting our inspections. Our fully mobile technicians are available anytime to inspect your house.

Taking precautions such as electrical safety inspection can save you a lot of money, especially if you are a landlord. As a landlord, the law requires that you ensure electrical installation in your rental property is safe when tenants move in. We can help you achieve this requirement. We can inspect your house, and provide you with home wiring certification in Christchurch, showing that the house is safe for occupancy. Apart from meeting this requirement, the inspection provides an assurance to your tenants that the house is safe.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, and need your home, shop, restaurant, or office inspected, you can call us anytime to do the checks. As we do our electrical safety inspection in Christchurch, we ensure that all necessary checks are done. Our qualified professionals  will ensure that:  there is adequacy of earthing and bonding; check on serviceability of sockets, lighting fittings, and switches; check on suitability of switchgear and control gear; check on any wear and tear, and; the type of wiring done and its condition. All these services are available at very affordable rates. Call us anytime, let our professionals do the inspections and provide you with authorized certifications.


(2.3) Sunnyvale Pest Control

Do you live in Sunnyvale, or its surrounding areas, and having sleepless nights because of pests like bed bugs? You have probably tried to spray your home with various insecticides but the solution is only temporary. Need a permanent solution! Call us. We have been doing pest control in Sunnyvale long enough to understand pest issues in all corners of the area. We have developed customized solutions to deal with specific types of pests and their location.

Having your home or office treated against pests does not have to be an expensive affair. At very affordable rates, you can have your place fumigated, treated for bed bugs, and spiders removed. We offer more services aimed at dealing with specific pests. We are available 24 hours, and we can strike just the right time when the pests are most active and visible in your home. We are the ideal exterminators in Sunnyvale that you can trust to eradicate all pests in your home or at your business.

We have a team of fully trained pest control professionals that ensure all your pest issues are dealt with. Our Sunnyvale pest control services involve providing our clients with advice on how best to deal with pests. Pests of any type should be avoided in any place of human habitation. You need a reliable partner you can always trust whenever you have pest problems at your business or home.  Call us any time of the day, tell us your problems with pests, and let us do the rest.


(2.4) Flooring and Dance floors Pretoria

A party is not complete without a dance. Give your guests or clients the ultimate experience of enjoying themselves by having a fancy dance floor that readily invites even the dullest attendant to the dance floor. We do dance floor hire in Pretoria and its surrounding areas, perfect for wedding receptions, parties, and even dancing competitions.

If you are looking for the best professionals to rent a dance floor from, you have come to the right place. We have several choices for you, and you can make your selection based on what best suits your event. Our expert team of event planners can also help you in choosing the right dance floor for the event. Whether you want white dance floors, black and white dance floors, solid wood dance floors, or outdoor dance floors, we can provide them at very affordable rates.

You can call us anytime and let us know what you prefer. Our team of experts will make a visit to your site and make necessary adjustments to ensure the dance floor appropriately serves its function. As the best providers of dance floor rental services, we also provide bespoke logos and color prints on the floors based on client wishes.


(2.5) Bar Hire Pretoria

If you have been looking for the perfect bar to hire, you have come to the right place. From experienced mixologists and bartenders to provision of quality beverages, we are your perfect choice of bar hire in Pretoria. In addition, we have all the equipment you need to create a live atmosphere for your event or function.

Among the various services we offer, we arrange all the necessary logistics to make the event successful. We have a team of professional event planners, and your guests or clients will have the ultimate bar experience. We also offer bar rental in Johannesburg, and you can enjoy our services if you are located in the city and its environs. Our bar rentals are perfect for your birthday parties, wedding, engagements, corporate lunches, and many other events.

If you want to create an impression in your next event, we are the right people for you. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, we have you covered. If you are planning an outdoor event and need a bar to suit the occasion, we are pleased to inform you that we provide outside bar hire in Pretoria. Call us anytime and let us serve your guests.



Samples #3 Service Websites

(3.1) Four Reasons why you should hire a Commercial Builder

In any construction project, one of the most important decisions is the selection of the right professionals who will do the construction. In order to have your home or any other project completed according to your desires and expectations, you need to engage the services of commercial contractors.  There are several reasons why professional commercial builders are the ideal choice.

Technical Advice

This is especially valuable for first-time homeowners, who need a reliable partner as they build their homes, or commercial buildings. Experienced and qualified commercial builders will provide you with technical advice on your project, providing you with valuable information. For instance, you may wish to have a particular design for your home, and they will advise you that the terrain and environment in the site will not be perfect for such a design, unless some adjustments are made. In addition, commercial builders will advise you on the best quality materials for your project.

Approval from Local Authorities

Commercial builders’ experience in construction means they know all the relevant laws and regulations, and they will save you the turmoil associated with suits for violating the regulations in your project. Through commercial builders, it is easy and faster to get approval from your local authority for construction of your home.

Right Fit

If you had a problem with your teeth, the right person to see would be a dentist. Similarly, if your car has a problem, you will have it checked by a qualified mechanic. In the world of building construction, commercial builders are the right professionals to cater for all your building projects. You need a home with a customized design, talk to a commercial builder and let them know about your desires.

Commercial builders have the certifications and licenses that permit them to build various structures. As such, you will be dealing with the right people for the job, a company that is recognized and allowed by local authorities to engage in constructions.

Time Saving

You probably have a time frame for your project, and would wish to find professional who can deliver within the specified time.  Commercial builders have the right experience, equipment, and resources to complete your project within the specified time. You can monitor the progress of their work in various stages of the project, and you will be able to tell the time the project is likely to be completed. As you save time, you also save money – delays may result in extra costs.


(3.2) Health Risks of Asbestos you should know about

There are several reasons why you should have asbestos removed from your home, office, or work location. Key among these reasons is that asbestos is a major health risk to you, your family members, or employees at work. Workers who are most vulnerable to asbestos exposure and asbestos-related diseases include plumbers, electricians, steamfitters, and pipefitters. These workers also expose their family members to the risks, mainly by taking some of the materials with asbestos home – or their work attire.

Wondering what is asbestos? Well, this is a naturally occurring mineral that was once lauded for its heat resistant abilities, insulating properties, versatility, and tensile strength. As such, it was used to make such things as fire-proof vests for construction. This mineral, however, is highly toxic, and here are some of its major health risks.

Mesothelioma Cancer

Asbestos is classified as a human carcinogen – a substance that causes cancer. Mesothelioma is not a common cancer, but is often observed among workers exposed to asbestos – and sometimes their family members. This cancer is caused by mesothelial cells that form lining of the lung, heart cavities, and abdominal cavities. The cancer is highly aggressive and fatal.


Asbestosis is an inflammatory condition that affects the lungs, causing permanent lung damage, coughs, and shortness of breath. A scar-like tissue is formed in the lungs, decreasing the elasticity of the lungs.

Lung Cancer

Development of lung cancer due to asbestos exposure is dependent on various factors. These include the levels of exposure, age at first instance of exposure, smoking history, and the size of asbestos fibres. The average period from exposure to development of lung cancer can vary from 20 to 30 years.

Other Conditions

There are a dozen different diseases related to asbestos exposure. These conditions include pleural effects, where the affected individual develops pleural abnormalities. Also, asbestos exposure increases risks of laryngitis. In addition, development of diseases such as asbestosis has the effect of reducing the immune system of the patient.

Detecting Asbestos-Related Diseases

Individuals who are in occupations that have higher risk exposure, such as in the construction industry, should inform their doctors about their exposure history. Symptoms for asbestos-related diseases can take years before manifesting. As such, it is important to see a doctor if you are in such an industry and you develop any of the following symptoms:

  • Hoarsens, wheezing, shortness of breath
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Persistent coughs
  • Anaemia or Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Blood in sputum
  • Tightening of chest – or pain in chest

If you have the above symptoms, you need a thorough examination that includes lung function tests and a chest X-ray.


Sample #4 Fashion

Chain Cufflinks

The art of manliness has gone a notch higher, with emergence and introduction of various accessories to accentuate a gentleman’s look. Chain cufflinks rank among the most noticeable men’s accessories, and can create a great impression of the wearer. These types of cufflinks have two heads that are mostly identical and are connected by a short chain. The chain creates a looser fastening of the cufflinks compared to other types. In addition, the cufflinks have visible decorations on both sides of the closed buttonholes. These cufflinks do not just secure button shirt cuffs; they are the ultimate choice of jewelry for the modern man.


Chain cufflinks, like many other types of cufflinks, come in different shapes, designs, color, styles, and material. There are numerous designs of chain cufflinks in the fashion industry. The multiplicity of these designs ensures that every man, or boy, has a choice that suits their taste and preference. The variation on the materials used comes in either the core material of the entire cufflinks or just the coating on the heads. These materials include: silver, steel cobalt, gold. Furthermore, the designs may be inspired by various fashion trends, such as the vintage chain cufflinks. As such, there is no way that a man will miss his preferred choice of cufflinks.

When to Wear

Traditionally, cufflinks were associated with men who wear tuxedos. But not anymore. The modern variations of cufflinks make them compatible with most forms of dress code. In fact, provided that a shirt is long-sleeved and has holes in the cuffs, the cufflinks are a necessary fit. As a formal and semi-formal alternative to buttons, chain cufflinks can be used in both dressing styles. When worn at the office by a CEO or Managing Director, the cufflinks sends a signal of power to their subordinates. However, in formal social settings, cufflinks can be a ‘great equalizer’, compared to the office set up. The chain cufflinks is a good choice for social events such as weddings, galas, parties, balls, receptions.

One of the benefits of cufflinks is that they can easily be used even for shirts that were not customized for cufflinks. A tailor can easily convert such shirts by removing buttons and inserting a small buttonhole in its place. Men shopping for chain cufflinks, therefore, need not to worry about not having appropriate shirts for the accessories. Men should ensure that the cufflinks chosen are classy, regardless of the event they are attending. Tacky and loud cufflinks that attract too much attention should be avoided.


There are no limits in the choice of chain cufflinks. The multiple variety in the industry guarantees that every man shopping for cufflinks can get what they need. Collecting suitable shirts for the cufflinks is a great way of ensuring a complete look that the designers intended to create. Cufflinks are ornamental alternatives to buttons, and the chain cufflinks is the perfect choice that provides both functional and aesthetic value for the man.


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